It’s a Lot of Work to Start a Company

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Having done it once before twenty years ago, right after graduating from college, I know exactly what’s ahead of me in launching this company, but it *is* a lot of work.

I’ve got the company name, domain, e-mail and blog done, but I still need to incorporate, which means working with an attorney and an accounting firm. For the attorney, I’ll probably use a well-regarded local attorney who lives down the street from me. For the accounting firm, I’ll probably ask around and use someone from my home town that has a good reputation.

The same friend who helped me come up with the company name has already offered to help with a press release announcing the launch of the company.

I’ve got to start building the main web site. I expect it to be a gradual process, with content growing over time.

I probably won’t get too much done this week, as we’re getting ready to go away on a two week vacation to Cape Cod on our 32 foot sailboat. I’d like to launch the company and the web site around Labor Day, so I’ll be a busy guy once I get back from vacation.

But I’ve never been one to shy away from hard work …


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