Fun with Corporate Branding & Web Design

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Well, today was my first day back from vacation and it was another day of getting a lot accomplished in a short time.

The first order of business was to create a logo for Hub Solution Designs.

I started with a simple blueprint background graphic, then arranged the words “Hub” “Solution” and “Designs” vertically. I also wanted a strong, simple typographic element to the right of the words, so I ended up using the greater-than symbol “>”. I liked the way it looked, and liked the idea that adding Hub Solution Designs to a client’s project would make it “greater than” before. Also, the symbol somewhat shows the many-to-one process of integrating source systems into a central hub. Total elapsed time: about 2 hours.

The second order of business was to build (or at least start) the Hub Solution Designs web site. Since I had used Google Apps to create the domain and provide e-mail services, I thought I’d at least look at the Google Page Creator tool. I found it pretty easy to use, a little frustrating, but capable of some pretty slick features like adding code snippets to show my online status in Yahoo’s instant message tool and in Skype. So by the end of the day, I had a simple web site, a placeholder at least until I can get something more sophisticated built out. Total elapsed time: about 8 hours.

Not bad for a day’s work! Next – full court press on selling some services, and preparing the launch announcement / press release.


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