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Well, Hub Solution Designs started its first actual client engagement today. Obviously, I can’t say who the client is here, but it’s a Massachusetts company that was looking for some help understanding and implementing the Trading Community Architecture in Oracle E-Business Suite, the same technology in Oracle’s CDI platform (Customer Data Hub).

We had a great meeting to kick off the project and spent most of the time creating a detailed project plan. Specifically, they’ll be addressing some general data quality issues like de-duplication, and also creating a “Party Split” program that will take parties in the Oracle TCA registry and split them out into separate parties in their own right, provided certain business rules are met.

It felt very good to be out in the field again. Both Tim O’Sullivan and myself went to today’s kick-off. Going forward, hopefully there will be some areas of the project that Tim can do and some that they’ll need me on.

Company-building, web site design, incorporation and all the other startup stuff is fun, but being out at a client site and having a positive impact on their company is a big kick, and I didn’t realize until today how much I’ve missed it in the last three years.

I’m going to do another post shortly where I start a list of useful definitions for Master Data Management, based on an article I wrote earlier this year in DM Review.

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