Getting Some Infrastructure in Place

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The last week has been very busy with some basic things that just had to be done.

First on the list was incorporating. I used a local attorney with an excellent reputation who happens to be a neighbor of mine. It was a pretty straightforward process. I can’t say I enjoyed it exactly, but he made it pretty painless for me. He also submitted my application for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

I bought a new laptop, a Sony Vaio SZ-650N/C. It’s very light (less than 4 pounds), with a powerful CPU, lots of RAM and disk space, and a powerful graphics card. Pretty much the same formula I followed the last time I bought a computer (in 2004). That was a Sony desktop and it’s still going strong.

But then I had to install Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, get my Palm Treo synchronizing with Outlook, get Groove synchronizing all my data between the desktop and the new laptop, fix a thousand small preferences on the laptop (did I mention I could only get it with Vista?), and sign up for

So it took about a week of futzing with Vista, trying to figure out why Outlook and the Treo initially wouldn’t talk to each other, why Groove 2007 wouldn’t talk to Groove v3.1, getting Zone Alarm (my preferred firewall/anti-virus/anti-spam suite) installed and working right, and removing a few pieces of “bloatware” that Sony, in its infinite wisdom, included on the laptop.

But now it’s all working, and I think I’m going to be back to my usual level of productivity. With Groove, anything I do on one machine is immediately backed up to the other machine’s hard drive, and I can invite co-workers or clients into the workspaces for secure document sharing. With the Treo, all of my contacts, calendar items and notes are always in the palm of my hand. And with (although I’m not a wiz at it by any means), I’ll be able to share my prospects, contacts and activities with the other two members of the firm.

I feel like I’m getting the other half of my brain back.

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