More Thoughts on the CDI-MDM Summit

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The Fall 2007 CDI-MDM Summit has wrapped up. It seemed even more intense than the Spring ’07 conference. More consulting firms and software vendors exhibiting, more real world case studies from companies that have implemented or are implementing MDM solutions. More hallway conversations and networking. More activity overall …

This is great for the MDM market place. Is there room for both Gartner and The CDI-MDM Institute to have conferences on this topic? My feeling is yes. Just like there’s an Oracle OpenWorld conference in the fall and an Oracle Applications User Group conference in the spring. They both come at the same subject matter from a different perspective. With Oracle, it’s obvious they’re in control of the agenda and selling more Oracle products is their goal. With OAUG, it’s independent from Oracle, and the presentations are much more “user to user”, with some consulting firms’ presentations mixed in.

I’m not sure how it will shake out between Gartner and The CDI-MDM Institute, but I know that I really enjoyed the conference that Aaron Zorne and SourceMedia put on this year. You can always find little things that need improving at any conference, but overall, the presentations were spot on, the logistics were fine, and the mood of the conference was very upbeat.

I particularly enjoyed:

  • the pre-conference workshop by David Loshin on “Using Data Profiling, Data Quality & Data Governance to Grow your MDM Program”,
  • Aaron’s keynote on “Milestones on CDI-MDM Roadmap for 2008-2009”,
  • the keynote by Gregory Burke from De Lange Landen/Rabo Bank on “Mastering Intelligent CDI for Competitive Advantage”
  • the keynote by Tony Fisher from DataFlux and Peter Harvey from Intellidyn on “Paving the Road: Establishing a Data Quality Foundation for a Successful MDM Initiative”
  • Aaron’s session on “Technical Evaluation Criteria for CDI & MDM (Field Report on the Products)”
  • the session on “Mastering the Data Challenge: Best Practices for Success” by Andy Walker from BP and Chris Lucas from D&B
  • “Utilizing an Effective Support Team to Enhance Data Governance in an MDM Environment” by Daniel B. Holle from Pfizer
  • the panel discussion on “Architecting the Next-Generation PIM Data Hub” with Martin Boyd from SilverCreek Systems, Sid Suri from TIBCO, Andy Walker from BP, and Paul Weinberg from SAP Labs
  • the Purisma/D&B breakfast session on Friday morning
  • There was a tie for my favorite presentation of the entire conference between:

  • “CDI, Data Governance & Lean for Diversified Manufacturers” by Nancy Northrup from Honeywell, and
  • “The Long & Winding Road to Data Governance-Driven MDM” by Tom Carlock from The CIT Group
  • We weren’t able to stay for the post-conference workshops, as we had to catch a train back to Boston. But overall, another fantastic conference from The CDI-MDM Institute and SourceMedia.

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    One Comment on “More Thoughts on the CDI-MDM Summit”

    1. Jaime @ Fitzgerald Analytics 12/24/2007 at 2:40 am #


      Thanks for a nice summary. My colleagues and I enjoyed the conference a lot as well. In addition to the presentations you mentioned, we also were impressed by John Butler’s presentation on Reed Elsevier’s journey towards customer-centricity via MDM.

      Thanks again,

      Jaime Fitzgerald

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