Data Governance – the Big Theme from the Fall 2007 CDI-MDM Summit

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What an exciting week we had! 

First, the Siperian users’ conference on Tuesday, followed by the CDI-MDM Summit in New York on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

The biggest theme reiterated by the majority of speakers throughout  the week for a successful MDM implementation was stated early on Tuesday by Anurag Wadehra of Siperian – “Data Governance is the critical process to making MDM work”.  

In as many different ways that success through Governance could be stated throughout the week, it was.  What was most interesting to us was how different folks arrived at the importance of Governance.  Millenium Pharmaceuticals outsourced their MDM initiative to Cognizant and realized that Governance had slipped through the cracks on the first phase of implementation.  Jennifer Lewis stated that they had added six months to the timeline for the next phase to allow for Data Governance. 

Nancy Northrup of Honeywell focused on Data Governance from the outset and had a very effective program of distributed Data Stewards in place. “The key”, stated Nancy, “is not to try and boil the ocean”, who adoped the LEAN manufacturing concepts from Toyota’s production system.

Getting the word out on the “lessons learned” from MDM/CDI implementations by different companies, the chief lesson being Data Governance, is the first main take-away for me from the week at the two MDM conferences. 

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