With Gratitude

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There are many challenges in starting a new consulting company, and in being in a fast-growing space like Master Data Management.  But there are many rewards as well.

Rewards like our great clients, and our wonderful team members – Tim, Gaurav, Eric and you-know-who!

I’ve been touched over and over this year by how many people have helped us out along the way – sending us referrals, new potential team members, good advice, all kinds of breaks and thoughtful gestures.

Hopefully we’ll all still be around long after the “early adopter” stage of the MDM phase is over.  And certainly we’re planning for Hub Solution Designs to be around for a long, long time.  But I will never forget the countless kindnesses that people have done for me, my family and our team members this year.

Earlier today, I was thinking about writing an “end of year” state-of-the-company article, and I still may do that when we get a little closer to New Year’s Day.

But for now, I just wanted to say “thank you” – to my wife Mary, to my boys Conor and Brendan, to my good friends Tim and Gaurav, and to all of the people who’ve touched our lives this year. To be healthy, to have people in my life who put up with my faults and bring out the best in me, to be able to do something new, to help companies improve, to have the freedom to be an entrepreneur, to be able to make mistakes and learn from them — all of these things are enormous blessings, and today of all days, I’m very grateful.

Happy holidays to all of our readers and to the friends of the firm – may your New Year be prosperous and happy!

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