New Hub Solution Designs Web Site Launched

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We’ve just launched a completely redesigned web site for Hub Solution Designs, Inc..

We evaluated several hosted website building tools, and ended up selecting SiteKreator. It had the right blend of features & functionality, and included reasonably priced site hosting in addition to an easy-to-use web site development tool.

We started redesigning the site on 01/03/08, and launched the new site today, 02/01/08.

Huge sigh of relief – it’s done, and we can move on to other things. Many thanks to Gaurav and Tim for their help in developing content and reviewing the new pages.

There are still some improvements we’d like to make, but the basic site is up, and we can add those improvements as we go.

Please let us know what you think …

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One Comment on “New Hub Solution Designs Web Site Launched”

  1. bakazero 02/02/2008 at 7:06 am #

    I see a nice and simple site, but there is a lot javascript script. I suggest you to try to extended it to a new file like “bla.js”. And try to optimize the html script with xhtml+css. There are a lot of web template that you can use or learn for building your site.

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