Gathering of the MDM Tribe

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We’re really looking forward to the MDM Summit conference in San Francisco, which runs from Sunday, March 30th through Tuesday, April 1st.

This is a very exciting space. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the mega-vendors like Oracle, IBM and SAP get more and more interested in master data management. We’ve seen the best-of-breed providers like D&B/Purisma, Initiate Systems and Siperian doing very well, as they enhance their products and grow their customer bases. And we’ve seen the “piling on” factor, as companies from all over the enterprise software spectrum re-brand and re-purpose their products for the MDM market.

This is my fifth MDM Summit, and at every one that we attend, we learn more – about the technology of course, but also about the people and personalities that drive the business, about the software vendors and systems integrators, and the end user companies and how they’re succeeding with MDM.

I’ve always loved using technology to solve business problems. And master data management really appeals to me there – it’s a great combination of better technology, better processes and better people/organization, resulting in better information, which can in turn solve some really big business problems.

It’s great to get together twice a year at Aaron Zornes’ and SourceMedia’s MDM Summit conferences. They’re very well-done, and it’s a great place to see people, catch up on what’s happening in the business, and hear the latest success stories.

So if you’re going to be in San Francisco, please look me up. You can drop me a note via our web site or give me a ring at 781-836-4875.

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