MDM Summit Trip Report

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Last week’s MDM Summit conference was great, as usual.  Attendance may have been down slightly due to the well-publicized economic situation.  But there were still a lot of “end user companies” in attendance, either speaking or attending to learn more about this fast-growing field.

One theme we picked up on was the idea of “Master Data Management solving business problems”, rather than being a pure technology “silver bullet”.  While having a central hub, married up to powerful data quality software, and integrated with the rest of the enterprise via the latest Service-Oriented Architecture integration tools is very definitely sexy, what’s even more compelling is looking for and solving the most difficult recurring problems that today’s large companies are facing.

Whether it’s driving increased revenue through better, more effective marketing and selling, or reducing costs by improving process efficiency and sunsetting redundant application infrastructure, or enabling smoother, more rational regulatory compliance, the promises of MDM are being realized in the leading companies who are implementing it.

This is not hype, people.  While there may well be a “trough of disillusionment” in MDM’s future (or going on right now), the business and IT benefits are real, large and realizable.  This is not a repeat of the wave of ERP adoption prior to Y2K, or the rush to implement a “me too” CRM strategy.

Any time you can help the business make more money, spend less money, and have a markedly easier time getting the bureaucratic monkey off its back, people in the business are going to notice and reward you for it.

I hate to say “the future’s so bright we have to wear shades”, but from our perspective, MDM is just hitting its stride, and does indeed have a bright future.

If you disagree, we’d love to hear from you via a comment.

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