MDM Boot Camp at MDM Summit Conference

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At the recent MDM Summit conference in San Francisco, I attended the “MDM Boot Camp” session put on by Aaron Zornes and Ed Allburn with my colleague, Maureen Butler.

I’ve attended five MDM Summit conferences at this point, but never had a chance to catch the Boot Camp session before. My colleagues and I work pretty hard at staying current on Master Data Management, so it was interesting to hear what Aaron and Ed had to say.

One of the first things Aaron said was “the world is flat, so data structures and business processes must be flexible, and IT must be able to enable new business models.” I’ve finally gotten around to reading “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman, so I really liked the idea of tying MDM to the increased agility that enterprises are struggling to achieve in order to remain competitive and relevant.

Another tie-in was the extent to which many firms are now using mergers & acquisitions as a core part of their business strategy, and the degree to which Master Data Management is critical to enabling smooth integration of acquired companies.

Aaron did a great recap of the three classic “use cases” for MDM: Operational, Analytical and Collaborative, and reviewed the top five justifications for MDM initiatives.

He reviewed the “strategic planning assumptions” that the MDM Institute has published, covering the expected market maturation, momentum, consolidation and diversification; recent issues around budgets and skills; the importance of data governance; the architectural trends towards multi-domain MDM and service-oriented architecture (SOA); the move toward improved identity resolution, data quality and analytics; and the trend towards 4th generation “policy hubs” and enterprise search.

Maureen and I thoroughly enjoyed the session; it was a great way to kick off our three days at the MDM Summit.  We’re looking forward already to the Fall 2008 MDM Summit at the New York Hilton (Oct. 19–21, 2008).

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