DIG 2008 – Decisions, Information and Governance Conference

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A very interesting MDM speaking engagement came up recently, at the DIG 2008: Decisions, Information and Governance Conference in Las Vegas on May 13-15.

The conference organizer, The Palladium Group, says:

DIG is the foremost performance management and analytics conference designed to provide business leaders with the tools and insights needed to leverage information for critical decision-making, helping them to achieve breakthrough business performance. We step beyond normal one-sided lectures to spark open and honest dialog with our presenters. Sessions will be designed with ample time for discussion, ensuring each attendee is included in the dialog – a collaborative environment truly unique in the industry.

A few months ago, a good friend from my days at Parson Consulting, Curtis Horton, connected me with George Veth, because George and I both live in Hingham, Massachusetts.  George was the CEO of Painted Word, a consulting firm that merged with the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and ThinkFast Consulting to form The Palladium Group in 2005.  George and I got together for breakfast in early March, and he suggested me to Palladium when they were putting together this conference.

I’m very excited about this conference, because Palladium really seems to understand the tight connection between “good information” (achieved through MDM), good governance (achieved through Data Governance) and “good decisions”. 

A lot of people seem to be treating MDM in isolation, as a pure technology or infrastructure project. But we feel that MDM and Data Governance together are an important enabler for business intelligence and Business Performance Management.

So it should be an interesting conference, exploring three important themes: “Creating One Version of the Truth”, “Insights from Advanced Analytics”, and “Enterprise 2.0”.

I’ll be speaking on Wed. May 14th, after Dennis Newman, Director of Financial Operations at the Boston Globe, and David Roberts, CTO for Applications Services at the Central Intelligence Agency.

If you’re interested in attending, just go to http://thepalladiumgroup.com/DIG2008 to register, and you can use the “promo code” DIGHUB to get 50% off the conference registration.

If you’re a client of Hub Solution Designs and would like to attend, please contact us – we have a limited number of conference passes available as well. 

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