Tracking and Managing Corporate Hierarchies

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Here’s a great video that illustrates the difficulties in tracking and managing corporate hierarchies:

As the video shows, in today’s acquisition-heavy environment, it’s pretty tough to keep track of all the M&A activity in your customer base. As they say at the ballpark, “you can’t tell the players without a scorecard”.

Having worked for D&B in my previous life, I know they do a good job in maintaining the most important corporate hierarchies, with over 8.7 million company records linked to the appropriate family tree. D&B’s not perfect, but they do try pretty hard. If corporate hierarchies are important to your MDM initiative, think about including D&B early in your planning process.

And thanks to my friends Jack Dally from Transitions [2], and Mani Kumar Manda from Rhapsody Technologies for pointing me to this video.

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