Favorite MDM-Related Web Sites (Part 1)

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I’ve been building up a Favorites folder of web sites relating to Master Data Management for several years now, so I thought I’d share some of them with you today.

First, I should mention our own site, www.hubdesigns.com. It has some great MDM resources, and we’re updating the Publications page to include our MDM Summit, OAUG Collaborate 08 and DIG 2008 conference presentations.

Another site I find very helpful is www.dmreview.com. And my monthly column, “MDM Insights”, started in their Online Edition last month, discussing Master Data Management and Service-Oriented Architecture.

I’ve always found Aaron Zornes’ analysis of the MDM market and its players very insightful, and I still visit The MDM Institute and the MDM Summit sites pretty often, particularly their MDM product reviews.

On the topic of Data Governance, an area close to my heart, there’s a good blog called the Data Governance Blog, which includes a couple of useful definitions of Data Governance.

A blog I read regularly is Jill Dyché’s Blog. It’s written in a very engaging first person style, but still contains some great nuggets of wisdom about Customer Data Integration, Business Intelligence and Master Data Management.

Another blog that I like is by Steve Sarsfield at Trillium. It has some good content on Data Governance and Data Quality. You can find it at Data Quality Insider.

One of my favorite blog’s is written by Andy Hayler, an industry expert and the founder of Kalido, who has written quite a few good pieces on MDM at Andy on Enterprise Software.

I’ll continue this in “My Favorite MDM-Related Web Sites (Part 2)”.

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