One Year Anniversary of This Blog

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We’ve been writing this blog for a year now, with a total of 83 posts so far.

It’s been a very positive experience.  We’ve had clients tell us “the reason we hired your firm was because of your blog”. And we’ve gotten lots of great feedback from our partners (Oracle, IBM, SAP, Initiate Systems and Siperian).

What we’ve tried to do is to write for people who are new to Master Data Management (MDM) and looking for basic information (like “Useful Definitions for MDM”,“Five Essential Elements of MDM” and “Ten Best Practices for Master Data Management”).

But we’ve also tried to cover more advanced topics too (such as “Master Data Management and the Art of Politics”, “The Key Requirement in Choosing a Product MDM Hub”, and “Data Governance Critical to MDM Success”).

We thought that by presenting a mix of basic and advanced topics, and highlighting key milestones in the development of the firm, we could keep your interest, and hopefully keep you coming back.

The numbers tell a good story.  We’ve had a total of 8,100 hits in the past year, with an average of 32 hits per day (over the last 30 days), 200 hits per week and 835 per month (over the last 6 months).

Our “Top 10” posts have been:

  1. Ten Best Practices for Master Data Management
  2. Our MDM Partnership Strategy
  3. How Master Data Management is Similar to ERP
  4. Different Styles of MDM Hub
  5. Metadata and Master Data Management
  6. Five Essential Elements of MDM
  7. Critical Data Quality Questions
  8. The Key Requirement in Choosing a Product MDM Hub
  9. Master Data Management and the Art of Politics
  10. MDM Business Case Creation & ROI Analysis

We get most of our traffic from our web site at (there’s a prominent “Blog” link there), and from the “Master Data Management” and “Customer Data Integration” tags at  We also get a fair amount from Google Reader, My Yahoo, and my LinkedIn profile.

Our Top 10 search terms that people are using to get to the blog are: “Hub Solution Designs”, “Dan Power”, “Gaurav Arora”, “data quality questions”, “MDM vendors”, “Master Data Management best practices”, “critical to quality”, “Oracle MDM”, “ERP and MDM” and “Master Data best practices”.

We’ve tried to keep the blog vendor-neutral, and have resisted the temptation (so far at least) to accept any form of advertising.

In the coming year, we’re looking forward to more in-depth coverage of the leading MDM and data quality platforms, more insights gleaned from working with our clients, more pointers to other places where our writing appears (like my monthly column in the online edition of DM Review), and continuing to try to break new ground and be thought leaders on MDM.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see us cover here, please let us know via a comment. It’s been an honor to write for you over the past year, and we’ll work hard to make this a useful resource for you in the coming year.

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One Comment on “One Year Anniversary of This Blog”

  1. ram anantha 08/01/2008 at 10:45 pm #

    I am a frequent reader of your blog. Congratulations on your first anniversary and wish you many more!


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