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Recently, I created an online community for everyone in the MDM community. 

After attending the Fall 2008 MDM Summit in New York, and the Gartner MDM Summit in Chicago, I was looking for a way to keep that feeling of community alive. 

Conferences like these are a great way to see old friends and to meet new people, to learn from our colleagues, to exchange best practices and lessons learned, and to investigate vendors of Master Data Management and related technologies. 

The MDM Community is an effort to keep that going after everyone heads home. 

To join, just click here. And please let me know what you’d like to see there.  And I’ll need your help to make it a place that adds value for everyone.

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One Comment on “MDM Community”

  1. Graham Charters 11/28/2008 at 9:16 am #

    As a consultant for Initiate Systems – one of the major players in the MDM marketspace – I am always fascinated to read pieces like this one.
    Keep up the good work.

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