November Column in DM Review

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Here’s a brief excerpt from my latest “MDM Insights” column in DM Review.

In the past, I‘ve outlined the five essential elements of master data management: (1) an MDM hub of some type, (2) data integration or middleware, (3) data quality capabilities, (4) external content and (5) data governance.

One of the challenges of MDM is trying to make progress in all five of these areas at once, while simultaneously working across the spectrum of people, process, technology and information.

Think of it as the “big bang” approach to MDM. You evaluate and select an MDM hub, and in the process, you discover that your organization doesn’t have adequate data integration or data quality tools available. And while working with the business on what internal source systems and external content providers need to be integrated with the new hub, you realize that your organization finally needs to get serious about data governance as well. It can be a little overwhelming.

Click on “Easing Into Master Data Management” to continue reading.

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One Comment on “November Column in DM Review”

  1. Graham Charters 11/28/2008 at 8:51 am #

    As a consultant for Initiate Systems – one of the major players in the MDM marketspace – I am always fascinated to read pieces like this one.
    Keep up the good work.

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