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After discussing it with a few friends involved in Master Data Management, I decided to add an “MDM Jobs Board” to this blog. 

Right now, there is no comprehensive source of information on MDM and Data Governance opportunities. MDM Jobs will be that source. 

This blog is getting about 2,000 visits per month right now, and it’s been growing an average of 23% every month over the last year. Our readers are business and IT professionals who are passionate about MDM and Data Governance. 

Each job posted on MDM Jobs will also be featured in our “Best Practices in Master Data Management” newsletter, which goes out each month to more than 3,350 people. 

To post a job, just send an e-mail to  We’ll send you a simple template to fill out and return. The cost is $100 per month for each position listed, and we accept PayPal, American Express and company checks. 

Please let me know by commenting here what you think of this idea – I’d love to get your feedback!

To give you an idea of our reach in this area, this article has been read 460 times since I wrote it on Saturday Dec. 6th.  And it’s listed #5 on Google, #1 on Yahoo and #1 on Microsoft Live Search for the search “MDM Jobs”.

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One Comment on “MDM Jobs”

  1. Graham Charters 12/08/2008 at 3:41 am #

    As a consultant with Initiate Systems, one of the major players in the MDM / CDI marketspace, I always find pieces like this fascinating and informative.
    To find out more about our work, visit

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