Governing Unstructured Data Gets Easier

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I first discussed Varonis on this blog last August in Governing Unstructured Data.

Varonis is a very interesting software company whose flagship product, the Varonis® Data Governance Suite, focuses on governing unstructured information.

Unstructured data (i.e. data that’s not stored in a structured form such as a database and which either doesn’t have a data model or has one that is not easily readable by a computer) accounts for as much as 80% of all business information. So governing and securing it properly is a huge challenge that is only made harder by the predicted annual growth rate of more than 60%, roughly three times faster than the growth rate for structured data.

And the security threat environment is getting more challenging, with examples like Heartland Payment Systems, a large credit card processing company, which was breached in an attack in late 2008 that may have compromised more than 100 million accounts.

And serious data breach incidents are increasing, according to a study by Enterprise Strategy Group, up from 30% of large organizations (1,000 or more employees) in 2005-2007, to 56% of large organizations in 2008.

So I was interested when Varonis let me know recently they’ve released version 4.0, a major new release of Varonis DatAdvantage and Varonis DataPrivilege. The increased automation and integration means that a business can get up and running with a framework for managing, protecting and monitoring their unstructured data within hours. The product can recommend and enforce permission revocations, taking the guesswork out of assigning and revoking permissions so companies can start controlling access with consistency and regularity.

What do you think? Are you including unstructured data in the scope of your efforts to govern, manage and secure your enterprise’s information? Please let us know by commenting here or on the MDM Community.

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  1. markez linda 04/12/2009 at 11:01 pm #

    Just grabbed the feed… thanks for posting this.

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