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Usually, when I’ve written a magazine article, I’ll post a brief excerpt here, with a link to the full article. When I moved from the online edition of DM Review (now known as Information Management) to writing a monthly column in the print edition, somehow I forgot to keep doing that.

So here are brief excepts and links to the full articles for the past few months, in case you haven’t already seen them.

Feb. 2009: For years I’ve been recommending that companies investigating or implementing MDM should include business process management in their plans. BPM allows an organization to model, deploy and manage mission-critical processes that span multiple applications, departments and business partners – behind the firewall and over the Internet.

Click on “Business Process Management and MDM” to continue reading.

Mar. 2009: I recently came across a great quote on data quality by Ken Orr in “The Good, the Bad and the Data Quality” from the Cutter Consortium: “Ultimately, poor data quality is like dirt on the windshield. You may be able to drive for a long time with slowly degrading vision, but at some point, you either have to stop and clear the windshield or risk everything.”

Click on “Data Quality and Master Data Management” to continue reading.

Apr. 2009: Third party content is an area that’s close to my heart. I started working intensively with customer and product information more than 20 years ago and was one of the first consultants to integrate Dun & Bradstreet data with Oracle’s applications suite (about seven years ago).

Click on “Filling in the Gaps” to continue reading.

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