Gryphon Networks

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Editor’s note: from time to time, the Hub Designs Blog profiles companies and solutions you may not have heard of yet that are relevant to master data management (MDM).

Company & location: Gryphon Networks, headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, provides “on demand contact governance” solutions.

Value proposition: Gryphon’s approach combines compliance and preference management, converting consumer contact preferences, compliance policies, and corporate governance into a consumer contact database, tracking the legal methods for contact. This gives you a “safe” list that expands your marketable base.

What point in MDM lifecycle: This is particularly useful when you’re using an MDM hub to support marketing activities and you’re concerned about maintaining a “single source of truth” on “Do Not Call” status, as well as opt-in / opt-out status for fax, email, and direct mail campaigns.

Relevance to MDM: Today’s hubs are evolving into “policy hubs”, where the enterprise can go beyond basic customer name & address data to tracking advanced attributes like contact preferences and managing compliance with a growing list of privacy regulations. But for a lot of industries, the current generation of MDM hubs doesn’t go far enough. That’s where Gryphon Networks comes in – it provides a real-time, on-demand contact governance capability that your MDM hub can interact with via Web Services.

If you’re in an industry like financial services, hotels, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, etc. where there’s a need for a lot of outbound marketing activities and at the same time, strict privacy regulations around “Do Not Call” and opt-out status for e-mail, fax and direct mail marketing, your MDM strategy should probably include integration with Gryphon Networks’ platform.

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