New Guest Post for Identity Resolution Daily

I’m sure regular readers of this blog have noticed the reduced frequency of new articles in the past few weeks. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you, the reader – honestly!

But it does mean that it’s gotten much harder for me to write for this blog, because I’m typically at a client site Monday – Thursday, and correspondingly, life seems as it’s on “fast forward” lately, as I try to squeeze everything else into weekday evenings and Friday – Sunday.

I did find time to write a guest post for Identity Resolution Daily, a great blog maintained by Infoglide Software.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

There definitely seems to be a trend lately with small companies in the master data management (MDM) and data quality space being purchased (as in the asset acquisition of Exeros by IBM) or partnering with larger firms (such as Silver Creek Systems’ OEM relationship with Oracle).

I think this is a good thing. Using the classic “build, buy or ally” strategy, it isn’t surprising that sometimes companies will conclude that it’s faster and/or cheaper to buy a technology, or partner with another company that has that technology, rather than build it themselves internally.

For the complete article, please click “The Growing Role of Identity Resolution in MDM“.

Thanks for being patient with me as I re-adapt to life as a road warrior!

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