New Data Governance White Paper

A new white paper by Dan Power of Hub Designs is available on Siperian’s web site.

The white paper underscores the importance of a proactive data governance approach, and is designed to help organizations develop a sound and sustainable data governance initiative.

Data governance is a vital component of any master data management effort, since it defines who owns the data, who establishes policies, and who the decision-making authority is when it comes to an organization’s critical data assets. However, many companies tend to take a limited and reactive approach to data governance.

In this new report titled, “When Data Governance Turns Bureaucratic: How The Data Governance Police Can Constrain the Value of Your Master Data Management Initiative”, we outline the limitations of a reactive data governance strategy and urge organizations to adopt a proactive data governance approach, whereby master data is corrected and validated right at the source and often by the business user. This removes potential data stewardship “bottlenecks” and eliminates critical time lags that may occur between the initial entry of a new master record, its certification/ publishing, and its ultimate availability to the rest of the enterprise.

To access the full report, visit

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2 Comments on “New Data Governance White Paper”

  1. Ravi Shankar 08/13/2009 at 2:22 pm #

    Good concept Dan: Proactive data governance – making business users the owners, authors and managers of data – is the nirvana of data governance the epitomizes the pitfalls of reactive data governance. A small set of data stewards can’t be the clearinghouse in a large organization inhibiting real-time information flow, which in turn, hinders quick business decisions. Good white paper – encourage everyone to read it.


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