AMB Webinar on “MDM on a Shoestring”

Regular readers of this blog are, of course, aware of the benefits of Master Data Management (MDM) as a means to enable the organization’s customer and supplier facing employees with accurate, complete, timely and consistent information.  Many companies find themselves in the predicament of having multiple versions of the truth.  Employee productivity is often reduced by using inaccurate data while servicing customers, patients, vendors, investors, etc.

The cost and disruption introduced by adopting an MDM solution shouldn’t be minimized. While the benefits of these environments are well documented, the road to implementing MDM can be challenging. Hub Solution Designs’ partner, AMB, a leading vendor in the data governance industry, is presenting a simpler path, where the benefits can be reaped without the sometimes difficult implementation and the costs normally associated with MDM.  AMB calls its approach “MDM on a Shoestring”.

AMB is presenting a short webinar on this topic.  Using service-based profiling tools that can reach data wherever it resides, plus a virtual MDM registry constructed using an open repository and easy-to-use query tools, allows for building a much simpler roadmap to benefiting from MDM.

AMB has partnered with industry veteran Mark Albala to offer an informative 30 minute webinar on this topic.  Attendees will learn about a new, affordable approach to MDM, including Mark’s seven key attributes to using the right tools and how information profiling forms the basis for MDM success.

This 30 minute program is designed to be brief and informative, and is available at 12:30 pm EDT on either August 27th  or September 15th.  To register, just visit to the AMB website at

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