Webinar with Initiate Systems

“Master Data Management: The Sliding Scale Between Build and Buy”

Replay of the webinar with Dan Power and Marty Moseley

Please join industry experts Dan Power, Founder and President, Hub Solutions, and Marty Moseley, CTO, Initiate Systems, for this webinar where we’ll outline the best practices that have evolved to support organizations in making the critical “build vs. buy” decision.

Master data management (MDM) transforms data integration and business processes. Many organizations are exploring an MDM solution and will eventually have to answer the build vs. buy question. The combination of build and buy for MDM depends on the individual organization’s circumstances, goals and objectives. As MDM has evolved, so have the best practices for considering how much should be built and how much should be bought.

Some key considerations include:

  • What are your current data volumes? How will they change in the near and distant future?
  • Are customer relationships one-dimensional? Are you concerned with multiple domains of data and managing the corresponding hierarchies?
  • Will you implement Web services? How will they be used?
  • Do you augment your internal data with information from external vendors?
  • What are the time, budget and resource limitations?
  • Is MDM intended to eventually provide an enterprise data platform?

Please click here for the on-demand replay.

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