First Day at Oracle OpenWorld

Having a dedicated MDM track at Oracle OpenWorld this year makes a big difference, in terms of being able to find the sessions more easily and in the focus and energy in the sessions.

First up today was a panel discussion on Hyperion Data Relationship Management (DRM).  It was moderated by my friend Rahul Kamath from Oracle, and included Dongyan Wang from NetApp, Anand Raaj from Halliburton, and Nimish Mehta from Lumendata. It was very well done, and gave some good insights into the role that DRM can play as a hierarchy management tool in an MDM environment.

Next was Pascal Laik, VP of MDM Product Strategy at Oracle, who co-presented with Cisco’s Kin-Ching Wu.  Pascal talked about the reality of complex, heterogeneous environments, and the difference between “push mode” and “pull mode”. He discussed the business drivers of growth, efficiency, IT agility and compliance, and the hard work Oracle has been doing over the past couple of years to help its customers to create their business cases and document the ROI that MDM has been realizing for them. Pascal laid out Oracle’s end-to-end data quality, pre-built integration and data governance strategies, and announced the new Data Governance Manager as a way to Define, Operate, Monitor and Fix data in the hub. Interestingly, 95% of the applications that Oracle customers integrate with are non-Oracle applications.

KC Wu from Cisco discussed their Customer Registry program, which draws data from 40 source systems and publishes it to about 80 downstream systems. She described a fascinating 10-year journey up the MDM maturity model.

The highlight of the next session for me was Bill Miller, a senior IT person at Oracle whom I’ve known for several years, who recently successfully implemented Oracle Customer Hub 8.0 at Oracle. It was very interesting to hear him describe how Oracle has put in place a lot of customer MDM and data governance best practices.

The last session of the day was Vanessa Hsu from Oracle, along with Kelle O’Neal from First San Francisco Partners and Angie Couron from Symantec. They did a great session on enterprise data governance, and gave a “first look” at Data Governance Manager.

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