With Gratitude

I’ve been getting a number of “Happy Thanksgiving” e-mails today, and they’re very nice. But they’ve prompted me to think about all of the things I have that I need to grateful for, as this year starts to winds to a close.

First, my family. It’s hard having an entrepreneur as a husband and father. I have spent more time this year in hotel rooms and clients’ offices than at home, and for that I’m sorry. Hopefully the new year will see me spending more time in the Boston area than on the road, and being more present in all of your lives. And I’m hoping the sacrifices we’ve all made in building this business will continue to pay dividends in 2010 and beyond.

Second, our clients. They’ve been great this year. As usual, I won’t name names here. But you know who you are, and you know how grateful we are that you are working with us. We try to work hard for you and to always make your projects a success, but we recognize that you’re right there with us, working hard and investing yourselves in our success.

Third, our people and team members. It is a privilege to work with you. Every day, I learn something from you. Some of the best times in my professional career have been this year (some of the hardest too!). But I always learned something, and I thank you for taking the time to teach me. It is always interesting.

Lastly, to everyone who reads our web site, this blog, our newsletter, our magazine articles, who caught one of our speaking engagements this year, or who joined the MDM Community – thank you! The extended community that Hub Designs is part of is very special to me.  People that I run into at conferences, or that send me e-mails offering to connect me with people they know, or that reach out to me through LinkedIn, or that read my postings on Twitter, are all very important to me.

A few years ago, before I really knew the value of social networking, I didn’t understand it and thought it was a little frivolous. Now, I understand its power – to connect us to one another, to effect change, to weave people and companies together in a new way, to make the 21st century more intimate, to allow me to sit in my office and say thank you to thousands of people at once, without blasting a newsletter into people’s inboxes, without sending out a mailing, without placing an ad, without doing any of the traditional things companies would have done at one time to get their message across (and are still doing).

Today, to me, it’s all about authenticity, and helping people, and being in the right place at the right time. And for that, I’m grateful.

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