AMB Releases Community Edition

Hub Designs has been a partner of AMB, a provider of information governance, quality and discovery software, since November 2008.

Now AMB is launching an open source version of its Information Governance Suite, called the Community Edition. AMB delivers tools to facilitate real time governance, and is now extending its reach as one of the first major vendors with an open source version of its core product.

This might be an ideal way for companies looking to familiarize themselves with a data profiling and data quality product to learn the tool, get a data governance proof of concept up and running in a cost effective way, and then demonstrate value to the business.

The Community Edition allows you to:

  • become familiar with the concept of data profiling as a way of identifying and fixing information anomalies
  • enable enterprises embarking on a data stewardship program to use the Community Edition to spotlight, identify and determine the priority of their internal information issues
  • enable organizations to define and automate a repeatable process, using software to administer the information governance program that aligns with the repeatable process, not the other way around

The Community Edition should provide a core set of data profiling and governance, and training and support is available, as are upgrades to the Professional and Enterprise Editions.

For more information, contact AMB at 1-847-899-5154 or, or visit

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