New Information Management eBook

Our friends at Information Management magazine have published a new eBook, called “The Benefits of a Single Platform for Data Management”.

Here’s a quick introduction to its contents:

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If your organization is like most, you have data everywhere. Customers, products, assets, suppliers – all produce data that can, if managed properly, help your company succeed. Almost invariably, companies that base key business decisions on good data perform more prosperously than their competitors, because the responsible use of that data enables them to better understand their customers and operations.

This is seen more and more in today’s data-driven economy. With margins tightened across the board, organizations must balance the divergent challenges of more information with less IT budget – and everything must be done by Monday morning. So, what’s the recipe for success? From a data-centric perspective, it’s hard to argue against a single data management platform.

View this eBook to learn the benefits of a single data management platform and the five major disciplines that a good data management platform should deliver (master data management, data integration, enterprise data quality, data governance, business rules management).

To go directly to the article by Dan Power on “Why Product Information Management”, click here.

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