Two of Our Most Popular Series

While I’m on vacation for the next two weeks, the Hub Designs Blog will be republishing two of our most popular series, “Modeling the Blueprint for MDM” by James Parnitzke, and “Data Profiling For All The Right Reasons” by Rob DuMoulin.

I met both of these tremendously experienced professionals last year on an MDM strategy engagement in the mid-West, and I enjoyed working with them a great deal. I learned a lot from these guys, and I’m happy to be able to pass on to the readers of this blog a small part of their experience here in these series.

The eleven articles in these two series received more than 6,300 page views in their first run; hopefully there are some readers who missed them the first time around who will enjoy reading them over the next two weeks.

I usually write a recap of my vacation when I get back, trying to tie my vacation experience to MDM somehow. Here’s the one I did in 2008 – it looks pretty funny two years later, with “things I learned on my summer vacation” like “Don’t Be Too Ambitious” and “Stay On Course but Be Flexible”.

I’m not sure if I’ll do that this year; perhaps I’ve already stretched the metaphor between summer vacation and master data management too far. But I hope you’re enjoying your summer, and thank you again for reading this blog and supporting Hub Designs!

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