Our MDM Strategy Offerings

Recently, I put together an overview of Hub Designs’ MDM strategy offerings for a potential client. Here’s a recap.


  • Based on our popular “Best Practices in MDM and Data Governance” speaking engagements, presented at Oracle OpenWorld and the Oracle Applications Users Group COLLABORATE conference.
  • Our workshops get business & IT professionals up to speed quickly
  • You get access to the best MDM experts, and can bring your business people into the process early


  • Based on Hub Designs’ MDM framework
  • Defines where you are now, where you want to be, and over what time period
  • Looks at master data management, data integration, data quality, and data governance over time

Readiness Assessment

  • Looks at issues relating to politics & culture
  • Performs skills assessment on people who may need training
  • Examines process issues, outlining where business processes need improvement or redesign
  • Investigates technology issues, detailing where essential components are not present or not able to support your upcoming MDM initiative
  • Performs data profiling to discover data quality issues

Business Case

  • Captures business requirements
  • Identifies stakeholders and select metrics
  • Baselines current performance
  • Negotiates expected benefits
  • Converts to financial results
  • Develops total cost of ownership
  • Calculates hard-dollar ROI

Software Selection

  • Develops selection criteria
  • Creates a weighted vendor scoring model
  • Includes functionality, technology, viability, costs, services and vision
  • Develops demo scripts for vendors to follow and sample data sets to give them
  • Manages proof of concept (POC) process
  • Assists in evaluating POC performance and scoring vendors

These engagements range in length from one to twelve months, with teams varying from two to ten people, depending on the size of the company, the number of domains of master data  involved, and the complexity of the politics and legacy systems in the enterprise.

If you’re interested in discussing an MDM strategy engagement like this, please contact Hub Designs at http://www.hubdesigns.com/contact_us.html. Or if you have comments on the above approaches, please let us know by commenting here.

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