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Master Data Management Best Practice #7 – Create a Data Governance Organization and Processes

If there’s no dedicated data governance function, then no one lives & dies with the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and consistency of the critical information that drives the business.

There’s not much point in doing master data management if you’re not going to govern the data.

I remember attending an MDM Summit conference a few years ago, and hearing a pharmaceutical company admitting that they had spent 6 months implementing their MDM technology before they realized that they needed to have a data governance component – an organization with the accompanying processes to manage the quality and accuracy of the company’s critical master data. They essentially had to start their project over again after putting that data governance program in place.

The ironic part was that their system integrator partner ended up sponsoring the Data Governance track at the next conference.

Make sure you convince management of the need for a data governance team as part of your MDM implementation, because trying to do master data management without data governance is like trying to fly a plane with only one wing.

Please let us know – in the comments here or in the forums on the MDM Community – how your organization is handing the intertwined nature of MDM and data governance.

The next article in the series is: MDM Best Practice #8 – Resist the Urge to Customize

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