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Kalido Data Governance Maturity Survey Results

This morning, Kalido, a Hub Designs partner, released an initial analysis based on the almost 100 responses it received to its Data Governance Maturity Assessment Survey.

The results were not surprising, but I found them very interesting nonetheless. Keep in mind that this was a self-selecting group; that is, people who were interested enough in data governance to have taken the survey. That suggests that the general population would be even less mature.

The biggest finding was that only 10% of organizations have been able to move their data governance programs beyond the first two levels of data governance maturity. That matches well with our experience at Hub Designs – most companies are just getting started with data governance.

Despite the commonly expressed belief that data should be owned by the business, traditional IT organizations are accountable for data in nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of organizations.  At Hub Designs, we believe that the business should be accountable for the data – but sometimes, that’s a “bridge too far”. You’ve got to start where you are, and evolve over time to higher levels of maturity. If the center of gravity right now is in the IT organization, that that’s where you start. But over time, have a strategy for moving data governance into the business.

Nearly half (45 percent) of organizations taking the survey said they have a formal data governance council in place, but only 27 percent have established a data governance council with business representation and formal data stewardship. That tells me that even in places where they’re doing some type of (immature) data governance, there are still lots of opportunities for improvement, by increasing the level of business involvement, stewardship and data quality.

This finding I found stunning: more than half (57 percent) of organizations do not measure the performance of data management activities at all. That leads me to believe that those organizations won’t be doing data management for much longer, because lack of measurement tends to lead to lack of funding, because of a perceived lack of documented results.

Clearly, we have a long way to go in the corporate world in becoming more mature from a data governance perspective. I really liked Kalido’s survey, and you can find Winston Chen, Kalido’s VP of strategy and business development, discussing it on his blog at http://bit.ly/cbckxD.

Speaking of Kalido, Hub Designs is sponsoring their upcoming Virtual User Conference on December 7, 2010. The Kalido Connect virtual conference provides attendees with a cutting-edge platform for networking, exhibition, collaboration and learning. Attendees can watch a presentation in a packed auditorium, network with peers in the Kalido Connect Lounge, or visit fully interactive sponsor booths on the exhibit floor. From group chats to one-on-one discussions, the virtual platform allows for a live conference and exhibition floor with real-time user interaction. To register, just click http://bit.ly/kalido-register.

Kalido Connect offers:

  • Real-world examples of Kalido’s business value as told by their customers
  • Keynote sessions on BI, MDM and data governance trends and how to keep ahead of the curve
  • Technical breakout sessions to maximize your investment in the Kalido Information Engine™ and expand your skill set
  • Exhibit hall showcasing complementary products and services from Kalido partners and sponsors
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues, industry leaders and executives

Last year, more than 300 people attended the Kalido Connect Virtual User Conference, and Kalido expects to double that this year.

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