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First Look at Kalido Data Governance Director

I attended an analyst briefing today with Kalido on their new product, Kalido Data Governance Director.

The Kalido presenters included Bill Hewitt, President and CEO, Winston Chen, VP of Strategy and Business Development, Lovan Chetty, Senior Manager of Product Management, Mike Wheeler, Director of Data Governance Solutions and Lorita Vannah, Director of Marketing Communications. Lorita is the person who first turned me on to Kalido, about two years ago now. We first met at the 2008 Gartner MDM Summit in Chicago, and she impressed me then with her passion for MDM, data governance and her company.

Bill started off by talking about how the data governance market has been exploding as the volume of corporate data has been exploding, which is certainly true, and observed that Kalido noticed a disconnect between data and business processes. To address this issue, Kalido developed a new product from the ground up, because the company felt that data was better managed through policies. For example, it may be okay to store customer data in multiple places, as long as the relevant policy allows that.

As part of its research into data governance, Kalido developed its own data governance maturity assessment. Winston described the evolution of data governance, from application-centric to today’s “enterprise repository centric” approach. The next phase, according to Kalido, is policy centric, followed by fully governed. Winston also discussed the need to manage data policies in context: you’ve got data, but you’ve also got business processes, systems and organizational scope.

That allows you to fully describe the context in which a particular policy is being defined.

The way to operationalize governance processes is: to define the policy, to implement the policy, and then to enforce the policy, which Kalido modeled on how laws are created by the legislative branch, implemented by the executive branch, and then enforced by law enforcement and the judicial branch of government.

Kalido has been working with data quality vendors such as DataFlux and Trillium to build integration with their products into Kalido Data Governance Director, so metrics can be automatically gathered back into DGG from those data quality tools.

If a data quality problem goes beyond the single or small number “issue” state, then it could be remediated as an “initiative”, where it would be put into Data Governance Director and tracked as a separate initiative, with all of the visibility and accountability that goes with that, and the full life cycle of governance – definition, implementation, and metrics / enforcement – could be used to make sure the data quality issue was resolved.

Lovan Chetty did a brief demonstration of the product, showing a web-based user interface to author new initiatives and policies, manage scope and organizational parameters, and create a unified business model, including a data model, process model and systems model.

Mike Wheeler talked about Kalido’s lighthouse customer program for Data Governance Director, which consisted of cultivating about 16 companies and 3 consulting firms, including some large financial services providers and manufacturing companies, at different levels of data governance maturity, to provide input and feedback on their policies and data governance programs and practices.

A number of them will be speaking at tomorrow’s Kalido Connect virtual user conference.

One very large company had a “light going on” moment when using the product, when they realized that pulling the knowledge out of everyone’s head is the hardest part, and that lots of “tribal knowledge” is often never incorporated in the actual policies.

One of the largest banks in Mexico, Scotiabank, has already bought the product prior to its general availability, in order to streamline its data governance operations. And a Top-5 pharmaceutical company has also signed up as a customer.

After a short Q&A session, Kalido promised to let everyone get a closer look at the new product in their virtual user conference tomorrow. For more information, or to register, please go to http://bit.ly/kalido-register.

The screen shot below shows the product measuring and reporting data policy compliance status based on results captured from 3rd party monitoring tools.

Kalido Data Governance Director Screen Shot

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