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Now that 2010 is over, we can share some readership statistics with you.  Through Dec. 31, 2010, our total views since inception (in July 2007) were 101,078 (including RSS traffic).

We were excited to see that overall readership was up 14% in 2010 vs. 2009 (and 2009 was up 96% vs. 2008).

This offers some great opportunities for exposure for guest authors. Some of our most popular articles on the Hub Designs Blog have been written by guest authors such as James Parnitzke, Rob DuMoulin, Maureen Butler and Joan Lawson.

So, as we start off 2011, we’re looking for new writers – new perspectives, new talent, new ideas. We’re looking for people like you, our readers, who are (like we are) out on the front lines of master data management and data governance.

Whether you’re working through the education process with your team, or developing your strategic roadmap for MDM and governance for the next few years, or creating a business case to convince your senior management to fund your MDM initiative, or conducting a vendor evaluation, or in the middle of implementing an MDM hub – we want to hear about it!

By all means, sanitize your stories, and change the names of the guilty to protect the innocent, disguising the identities of the companies and individuals where needed. But share your lessons learned, your best practices, and your “things not to do” with the rest of the MDM Community.

If you’re interested in writing for the Hub Designs Blog, please check out the Author Guidelines first, and then get in touch using the Contact Us page on our web site.

We’re looking both for people willing to write on a regular basis, and for people looking to contribute a single or occasional guest article. Please include a brief abstract of your article in your message, and we’ll reply to everyone we hear from.

This is a “triple win” – you gain from the exposure your article will get on the Hub Designs Blog, we gain from working with new writers with interesting perspectives, and of course, our readers gain from the great content that we’ll be able to bring together for them.

So get your “thinking cap” on and start writing! Then reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

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