It’s Good To Be On The First Page of Google

Google Search Results Heat Map

Google Search Results Heat Map

I was doing some research recently on the search terms that bring people to the Hub Designs Blog. So I took a few minutes and found that for the most frequently used 40 search terms over the past year that I looked at, the Hub Designs Blog was in the Top 10 search results on Google for every single one, with an average position of Google’s search results page of third. That, to me, is amazing.

The single article on Ten Best Practices for Master Data Management (we also have a ten-part series on the same topic, which starts here) does very well on Google, placing in the Top Ten for the following search terms:

  • “customer data integration best practices” (#1)
  • “master data best practices” (#1)
  • “customer data management best practices” (#1)
  • “master data management best practice” (#1)
  • “master data management best practices” (#3)
  • “data integration best practices” (#7)

Another very popular article is Oracle’s MDM Strategy and Roadmap, which places in Google’s Top Ten for four different search terms:

  • “mdm roadmap” (#3)
  • “oracle mdm” (#6)
  • “mdm strategy” (#8)
  • “oracle supplier hub” (#9)

Another popular Oracle-related article is First Look at Oracle Fusion MDM Hub, which is in Google’s Top Ten twice: “fusion mdm” (#1) and “oracle fusion mdm” (#5).

Interestingly enough, the #1 Google search result for Aaron Zornes’ “mdm institute” is its profile page on The MDM Community, a social network and community of practitioners for Master Data Management hosted by Hub Designs.

For the search term “data governance metrics”, our article on First Look at Kalido Data Governance Director is the #2 search result on Google.

Our article Informatica Analyst Briefing is #2 for the search term “informatica analyst” and #4 for the term “informatica competitors”. Another Informatica-related term is “siperian bdd”, where our article Siperian Momentum is the #1 Google search result.

Our article on Initiate Systems Acquired by IBM is the #1 Google search result for the phrase “initiate systems acquisition”.

A couple of our articles on Microsoft’s MDM activity, Microsoft’s Internal MDM Project (MIO) and Microsoft’s MDM Roadmap, scored #1 (“microsoft mio”) and #2 (“mdm roadmap”).

Our article on Critical Data Quality Questions was #1 for the search term “data quality questions”, and Multi-Domain and Federated MDM Hubs: Two Key Considerations was #1 for two different phrases: “multidomain mdm” and “federated mdm”.

How Master Data Management is Similar to ERP was #1 for “erp master data”, and Hidden Costs of Duplicate Customer Data was #1 for “hidden customer data”.

With regard to product master data management, Evolving from Product MDM to Multidomain MDM was #2 for the search term “product mdm”, and The Key Requirement in Choosing a Product MDM Hub was #3 for the search term “mdm product”.

I realize that Google search results are a moving target. But I was encouraged by Google’s recent move to rank high quality sites higher in its search results. A site like the Hub Designs Blog, with over 275 articles by 8 different authors, benefits from that, and we think you, our readers, benefit from that as well.

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