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From time to time, Hub Designs highlights an MDM-related position as a courtesy to a friend of the firm. This position is being listed for Steve Minor at Microsoft, whom I’ve known for several years.

As readers of this blog may know, Microsoft is working on a very high end MDM solution (for its internal use, not as a product).

Microsoft’s internal MDM platform can support in excess of 2 billion customer records, and it’s meeting its performance goals of ~2,000 transactions per second (updates) while hitting its 400 millisecond Service Level Agreement.

The team is onboarding approximately 20 applications inside of Microsoft. The solution is fully High Availability and Microsoft is also implementing Disaster Recovery.

In fact, the Microsoft team is coming up on its 5th of 5 releases (due in September).

The exciting part is that after this 5th release, the goal is to take the “platform” to the next level and truly “platformize” it in terms of moving it to Microsoft’s Cloud, creating a “Platform as a Service” (PAAS) and broadening it to support master entities, and in fact, any entity that needs large scale storage, performance and all of the enterprise class features around instrumentality, monitoring (Availability and Quality of Service), fail-over, etc.  The team wants to do this over the next 2-3 years, all the while adding new entities.

To do this, Microsoft needs to hire a senior/principal level technical Program Manager.

Ideally, this person has been a strong developer in the past (a “dev lead” or architect type) that has worked heavily with transactional type systems (like MDM) where they understand well the design approaches and issues in solving many of the complexities that a complex MDM solution would run into.

This person must have good verbal and written communication skills, and be comfortable at writing strong functional design specifications.  Microsoft is open to bringing in a pure developer that wants to make the transition to Program Manager.

In reality, as a technical Program Manager, this person would leverage and utilize a broad set of architectural, design and to a lesser extent evangelist type skills.  To be clear, this would not normally involve any actual coding, but POC work does offer some opportunities in this area.

The candidate should be familiar with some portion of the following list of skills (the more the better):

  • Single version of the truth concepts (core MDM stuff) for a central Hub design
  • High scale persistency in a relational database (SQL Server, etc.)
  • 2 Way synchronization with many disparate applications
    • Integration patterns (sync, async, batch)
    • Mapping of fields (semantic, metadata definitions, etc.)
    • Security concepts around windows auth, and certificates in those integrations
  • Pub/Sub async notification integrations
    • Subscription concepts
    • Key mapping concepts (centralized vs. decentralized)
  • Scale up and scale-out patterns
    • Multi-threading
    • Database partitions
    • Configuration management across many servers, etc.
  • Performance management
    • Defining performance criteria, SLA needs
    • Managing performance sub-team
  • Standardization technologies (Trillium, etc.)
    • US CAS, Canadian SERP, international
  • Matching technologies
    • Deterministic, Probabilistic
  • Platform concepts (re-use, housing many types of entities in a common framework, etc.)
  • Integrations with EDW/BI for analytics
  • Reporting in general (operational, etc.)
  • Understanding integration concepts/difficulties across multiple network domains (trust, etc.)
  • Understanding of privacy laws (for individual type data)—US and international (this helps with paradigms of understanding legal and audit requirements)
  • Encryption/Compression

Being at Microsoft, we’re largely using MS technologies, including .Net C#, SQL Server, etc.  Having equivalent skills in Java, Oracle and others would be acceptable.

Any knowledge on Microsoft’s Cloud (Azure, etc.) or other Cloud aspects would be a plus too.

This is an awesome opportunity for someone wanting to work on a large complex n-tier DIY MDM type solution that scales to levels that no vendor COTS solution can match.

I realize that as with any opening like this, it appears we need someone that can cure cancer, and get someone on Mars. The fact is, we need a real sharp candidate that has a track record of getting the job done on a large team.  Having a few holes in experience can be overcome.

Microsoft has a strong reputation for benefits and compensation, and that it can also be a bit intense.  This is a classic 50 hour work week type job, with a few spikes here and there. It’s for someone that is quite senior and wanting the challenge.

If you’re interested, please contact

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