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Announcing the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank

Hub Designs gets requests pretty frequently from various MDM vendors to brief us on their latest products, “go to market” strategies, acquisitions, future directions, positioning, etc.

Recently, it seemed like the number of briefing requests was increasing dramatically, so with the help of a suggestion from Julie Hunt, we decided to form a group called the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank, and to do the analyst briefings in a group format.

We modeled this group after the Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) established by Claudia Imhoff. That group covers the business intelligence (BI) space, and we cover the master data management (MDM) space.

The mission of the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank is:

  • to engage with vendors who want to conduct briefings on their products, solutions and marketing strategies,
  • to write about those briefings in the form of magazine articles, blog postings, and social media,
  • more broadly, to bring a greater understanding through analysis, education and collaboration of how vendor offerings connect with what companies need from master data management and data governance solutions.

Briefings are typically 60-90 minutes in length and consist of interactive discussion between the vendor conducting the briefing and the MDM Think Tank members regarding the vendor’s offering. The Think Tank is interested in both the strategic and technical aspects of the vendor briefing.

During the MDM Think Tank briefings, all participants will speak, listen, question and think. Good interactive discussion usually results in valuable insights and ideas for the vendor, and may uncover problem areas in the vendor’s strategy and offering. The MDM Think Tank is not going to ambush any vendor but we will ask hard questions that matter in regards to the value and viability of the vendor offerings for solving the problems of MDM and data governance.

Members include myself (Dan Power), Julie Hunt, James Parnitzke, Rob DuMoulin, William McKnight, Manish Sood and Gates Ouimette. If you’re interested in becoming a member, please contact me via the Hub Designs web site.

We’ve put together a web site that gives more details:

The group typically meets twice per month, which limits the available briefing opportunities somewhat. Interested MDM vendors should complete a brief application.

In order to maintain a balanced and unbiased relationship with the vendor community, we don’t accept any payment for these briefings. Based on the discussion with each vendor, some of the MDM Think Tank members will write articles or blog posts outlining what we’ve learned, in order to share that with the wider MDM community. Recent briefings include one from March 2011 with Talend, one from April 2011 with Varonis, and one in June 2011 with IBM on their Identity Insight product.

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