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IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight

Jeff Huth, who handles Product Management for the Identity Insight Portfolio in IBM’s Software Group, sat down with the Hub Designs Think Tank in early April for an analyst briefing on IBM’s InfoSphere Identity Insight product. Identity Insight, as a product, is managed as part of IBM’s MDM portfolio, but is usually not sold as part of an MDM initiative. It is a powerful identity and social network analysis tool, designed to tell when people exist in two or more data sets.

IBM sells Identity Insight to a lot of financial services and insurance customers, who use it to disrupt fraud rings and money laundering schemes, and for employee vetting purposes. IBM also has a lot of global reference customers in the public sector, including law enforcement, intelligence, and social service.

Identity Insight is well suited to finding hidden identities and relationships across large datasets, especially when combined with what IBM calls Complex Event Processing for pattern analysis.

In the Finance and Insurance market, Identity Insight is used to:

  • Uncover fraud rings across multiple channels (through social network analysis)
  • Prevent fraud from insider and external threats
  • Improve regulatory compliance for finding and reporting suspicious activity
  • Initial credentialing, continuous vetting and insider threat detection

In the Intelligence and Law Enforcement market, Identity Insight is used to:

  • Match identities and relationships of persons of interest across hundreds of data sources and billions of records
  • Build a global master name index
  • Explore a suspect’s relationships across myriad data silos
  • Recognize and respond to potential insider and collusion threats before damage occurs

In the Government Services market, Identity Insight is used to:

  • Verify citizen identity for more accurate determination of eligibility for social programs
  • Reduce improper payments where citizens are applying for mutually exclusive benefits
  • Background check of program applicants against watch lists and other data
  • Uncover relationships between citizens and other benefit recipients that would reduce benefits

Identity Insight approaches things a little differently. Other technologies approach data like it’s dirty, it’s unorganized, it’s not too smart, etc. But IBM approaches it like it’s sneaky, it’s hiding something, it’s not what it says it is. That’s a very different mindset, born of the product’s heritage in the casino and intelligence industries.

There are three distinct capabilities in the Identity Insight portfolio now: Identity Insight itself, which is the underlying analytical engine that establishes the unique identities, discovers the obvious and non-obvious relationships, and provides the real-time awareness for fraud and threat detection.

Global Name Recognition delivers the culturally-driven name analysis for individuals and businesses, so a person can be recognized regardless of which permutation of their name is presented.

And Anonymous Resolution allows for inter-agency sharing of information without compromising privacy, by anonymizing all personally identifiable information.

IBM shared some great case studies with us. A good one in the financial services industry is MoneyGram International, which to date has stopped more than $37.7 million in fraud, increased their ability to interrupt fraud by 40%, and realized 72% reduction in consumer fraud complaints in a single year.

I enjoyed this briefing very much, and was blown away by the things this IBM product can do.

And I found myself at the end of the briefing wondering if the future for MDM is to have enhanced identity resolution and analytics built into the master data management hubs of tomorrow, because even though IBM doesn’t sell them together very often today, the data stewards at most major corporations could definitely use this type of identity intelligence being built into the next generation customer MDM hubs.

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