Orchestra Networks Announces Cloud-Based MDM Solution

Orchestra Networks briefed Hub Designs Magazine late last week on its new cloud-based MDM solution, which it is branding as

Christophe Barriolade, CEO of Orchestra Networks and John Petrie, Vice President of Sales took us through the cloud-based subscription service, which will be announced and launched in General Availability status on June 27, 2011.

Christophe Barriolade referred to as the “ of MDM”, and explained that Orchestra Networks is targeting three segments of the MDM marketing initially:

  • Mid-sized companies who appreciate a Software-as-a-Service approach with no large upfront investment
  • Departmental MDM initiatives within large corporations, which may spread to the rest of the enterprise in later phases
  • Large corporations which are planning enterprise-wide deployments from the beginning, but who want to get started quickly

In Orchestra Networks opinion, with the current solutions on the market, it’s nearly impossible to start small, because of their price. The is priced to be very cost effective, with a full enterprise-class MDM solution delivered via the cloud.

The solution is web-based, and allows users to model and manage their data in the cloud. It is based on Orchestra Networks EBX5 platform, which we reviewed when it launched in February 2011.

The solution will share the characteristics of cloud services – scalability, automatic upgrades, elasticity as your needs change. It runs on Amazon Web Services, which provides high availability and dependability. In terms of security and privacy, always a key concern for master data, the Amazon Web Services platform is ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type II certified. A full list of security certifications is available here. Orchestra Networks architected the solution to keep each customer’s master data private, with no risk of data being shared with other customers on the platform.

The subscription pricing is a flat $5,000 per month, which provides for up to 50 users and a volume of data determined by a formula that looks at the number of records, columns and tables. For example, if you had 40 tables, 500 columns, and 200,000 records, you’d use only 30% of your allowable data volume.

Orchestra Networks offers a free trial for 30 days, and a series of training videos are provided as well. The web front end supports the four most popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer v8+, and Safari).

Of course, a Master Data Management hub requires data integration to synchronize data into and out of the hub. The underlying platform for (Orchestra Networks EBX5) exposes everything as a web service using XML (Extensible Markup Language), and allows you to use any middleware tool you want for integration with the hub, giving you a full set of XML Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

This is exactly the same integration strategy companies are using today to integrate with other Software-as-a-Service platforms like

Another aspect that larger customers will appreciate is the ability to bring the solution in house (that is, run it “on premise”) without any migration. They simply download their project from and upload it into the on premise solution. This allows them to get started for a cost effective monthly subscription, and go with an “on premise” solution later. Christophe Barriolade called this the “start in the cloud, deploy on the ground” option.

The cloud-based MDM solution represents about two years of development for Orchestra Networks. I was very impressed with the quick look at it that I got last week.

I wrote an article for The Data Warehousing Institute in July 2010 on Moving MDM to the Cloud. In that piece, I discussed the trend of moving other types of computing to the cloud, and the security, legal and technical concerns that come up in migrating major enterprise applications to the cloud.

But my conclusion was that the economic benefits of doing it were too compelling to ignore, and that in the end, it was going to happen in the MDM space, just as it’s happened or is starting to happen in customer relationship management, human capital management, enterprise resource planning, and many other areas.

It looks like in the field of master data management, Orchestra Networks has an impressive solution with its cloud-based MDM solution.

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  1. Martin Dunn 06/30/2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Nice to see other vendors joining Gaine Solutions ( in offering MDM in-the-cloud.


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