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Hub Designs Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Today — September 14th 2012 — is Hub Designs’ fifth anniversary of incorporating. So much has changed since then, but our core mission – of bringing the highest quality management and technology consulting on master data management and data governance to our clients – hasn’t changed.

We’ve had a couple of tough spots over the past five years, as you can imagine would be the case during the toughest economic downturn in the last eighty years. Fortunately, my family was very supportive and we made it through. Today, we’re on track to do triple the revenues we did last year. We just brought on Tom Atkinson, a great new employee to focus on business development and alliances.

We’ve got a couple of long term projects going on at great clients in Massachusetts and North Carolina, and interesting shorter term projects with clients in Chicago and Europe. We’ve worked with more than 35 different clients to date, in North America, Europe and Africa.

This online magazine continues to do very well, with readership up 16% vs. the same period last year. We’ve got 10-12 writers creating great original content for us, and a fantastic editor — Julie Hunt — who helps keep all the plates in the air.

The Hub Designs MDM Think Tank has done briefings over the past year or so with MDM and data quality vendors like Orchestra Networks, Collibra, IBM, Semarchy, Loqate, Liaison Technologies, and Varonis.

The MDM Community continues to grow, with more than 800 members now. It’s a great place for MDM practitioners to hang out and ask each other questions. I wish I had more time to devote to it, to ask and answer more questions myself. If you’re interested in joining, it’s at

We created an MDM portal for the Life Sciences industry with our partner Advantage MS, in order to help life sciences professionals get up to speed on MDM quickly. If you’re interested, you can visit it at

And our Thought Leadership practice continues to move forward, with activities over the last year like:

So as we wrap up our fifth year, I want to thank my family – especially my wife and sons Conor and Brendan. I know there have been many sacrifices over the past five years; thanks for understanding.

To Hub Designs’ team members, thank you for your patience and hard work. To our clients, many of whom have become good friends, my sincere gratitude. Without you, none of the past five years would have been possible. To our partners, thank you for your contributions of knowledge, training, expertise and opportunities. I appreciate everyone who has read the online magazine, been a client, encouraged me in the tough times, or celebrated with me in the good times.

Tom Atkinson talked lately with one of our readers who said he reads this blog religiously. That’s a very nice complement, and one I take very seriously. We will continue to make strides in our Consulting and Thought Leadership practices, in the online magazine, with the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank, with the online MDM Community, with the Life Sciences MDM Learning Center, and with everything that we do. That’s how we do things here – we work hard and put our clients’ interests first.

I believe in karma, and doing the right thing for people – to help people find new jobs, to connect people looking for help with one another, to put good will out there into the universe, even when its hard. Because so many of you have returned that good karma to me over the past five years. Thank you.

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