Data Management for Dummies, by Dmitry Kovalchuk

In the beginning was the Word. What is the “Word”? For the purposes of this article, the “word” is Data or Information. It is the basis of all things.

Why do we pay so much attention to things rather than the information about them? “Things” are what we can see. “Information” or “Data” about things is what we know about them. One thing may have different definitions, and its Information / Data may vary. These ideas really belong in a philosophy course. The better definition you have, the better you understand the thing itself.

Data or Information about things is as important as the things themselves. If you have things but you don’t have information about them, you may have to consider that you don’t really have these things.

This presentation is for people who think that Data or Information is an issue for them. For those who think they can own and not understand. This is Data Management for Dummies.

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