Multidomain MDM – Why It’s a Superior Solution

New article on multidomain MDM by Dan Power and Mikael Lyngsø, CEO of Stibo Systems. 

I recently had a chance to collaborate on an article for Inside Analysis with Mikael Lyngsø, the CEO of Stibo Systems.

This article evolved from a webinar that Hub Designs did with Stibo in May 2013 on “4 Ways Multidomain MDM Can Benefit Any Company”.

That lead to Jelani Harper writing an article on “Why Multi-Domain MDM Matters” for Dataversity in July.

The webinar prompted an opportunity to co-author an article for Inside Analysis. Here are the first few paragraphs:

“Big data – that’s all you hear about these days. But master data continues to be a critical concern for large and medium-sized enterprises. In industries such as financial services and life sciences, which were early adopters, companies are going through their second or third master data management (MDM) initiative. And as the technology reaches mainstream status, other industries are now starting to implement their first MDM solutions.

Master data is the lifeblood of most enterprises. Companies can’t conduct their day-to-day business without having basic records on customers, products, suppliers, employees, locations, assets and more. Across virtually every industry, the volume of operational information is rising exponentially in both size and complexity.

To read the rest of the article, please click here.

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