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Stibo Systems – New Release, New Branding

The Hub Designs MDM Think Tank met last week with Terry Stickler, Senior Director of Marketing at Stibo Systems. 

Stibo Systems ( is a partner and client that Hub Designs has been working with for several years.

In the briefing, Terry covered two big events going on this week: the availability of STEP Trailblazer, the next release of Stibo’s core MDM platform, and a new logo and visual identity for the company.

Stibo is an interesting company. The US operation was founded more than 35 years ago, and its parent company, Stibo A/S, which is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, was founded in 1794. The company has grown to have over 360 employees globally. It recorded revenue of $75 million with record-breaking growth of over 30% in its most recent fiscal year, and now operates from 16 locations around the world.

Updated Messaging

Under Terry’s guidance, the company recently updated its corporate messaging and launched a new ‘look and feel’. It’s great to see Stibo doing this, as we’ve felt for a long time that the company was one of the best-kept secrets in the MDM industry. The new visual identity and messaging are fresh and forward-looking.

New Release

Rather than just update STEP, its core platform, from version 6.0 to version 7.0, Stibo went with the name “Trailblazer” for this release, to reflect the significance of the release in terms of:

  • New architecture,
  • Improved user interface,
  • More support for the Customer domain,
  • Functionality to better support complex retail and e-commerce activity.

The new componentized architecture will make it possible to quickly and easily install new features, particularly to support industry-specific business requirements.

The user interface is more intuitive and configurable, and is designed to improve the user experience and increase productivity.

The Customer domain improvements improve STEP’s ability to identify, match and link customer data, and add survivorship rules to provide more control over the composition of the “Golden Record” or blending of data from multiple source systems. Stibo has also added real-time messaging capability, in order to keep other enterprise systems in synch with changing master data.

On the Product Information Management (PIM) side of things, which is historically Stibo’s strength even though the company has now branched out into mastering multiple master data domains, the new release has added auto classification functionality, which automatically assigns products into multiple classification hierarchies, and support for specific output adapters, including one that automatically generates feeds for Google Shopping.

Trailblazer’s more open architecture will also make it easier to develop extensions which connect the product to third party solutions for data quality, address validation, and reference data.

It’s exciting to see companies like Stibo Systems innovating its core MDM solution and updating its approach to communicating with the outside world. We see continued strong growth in the MDM market as a whole, and a bright future for Stibo Systems.

Dan Power is the publisher of Hub Designs Magazine, and the Founder & President of Hub Designs, a global management and technology consulting firm focused on strategy development, solution delivery and thought leadership for master data management (MDM) and information governance. You can reach him at

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