Master Data Effect

My Master Data Effect by Dmitrii Kovalchuk

A light-hearted presentation on master data management (MDM) by our contributor, Dmitrii Kovalchuk

I created this presentation after a conversation with my younger daughter. She asked me to talk about my job: Why is it so important and interesting? Why do I sometimes work on weekends? Why am I always working with so much data

So I told her that children who do poorly in school become error-prone and lazy. Which of course results in lots of errors. And sometimes those errors can lead to serious consequences.

My little daughter said that her grandmother had two birthdays in one year by mistake — and that it was great! My mother-in-law actually does have two birthdays: one is her true birth date, and the other is her birth date according to her USSR passport.

I think our attitude on data is shaped by our culture and behavior patterns. So we have to inspire our children (and ourselves) to be more accurate with data — because it can influence our lives significantly and adversely when it’s no longer trustworthy.

You can download this here.

About the Author

With over ten years experience in MDM implementations and data governance, Dmitrii Kovalchuk has worked in multiple industries and organizations in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Dmitrii has worked for several years as an independent consultant, business analyst and architect, and has experience with solutions from SAP, Oracle, IBM and Informatica, as well as in-house systems. Dmitrii is currently in Kazakhstan as a Data Management SAP Solution Designer in ENRC Business & Technology Services, where he is implementing SAP ECC for ENRC – multinational leading diversified natural resources company.

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2 Comments on “My Master Data Effect by Dmitrii Kovalchuk”

  1. Daniela 05/12/2014 at 3:18 am #

    A very “kids level of understanding” way of explaining something so complicated.
    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!


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