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Such Important “Little Data”, by Dmitrii Kovalchuk

Another great article which ties data management to the really important things in life, by our contributor, Dmitrii Kovalchuk

There’s a lot of talk about Big Data, and all of us understand how important and valuable it is. Today, though, I’d like to tell you a story about Little Data that I encountered last week. I love my job in data management, so I love sharing stories about data (and I think women will like this one especially.)

Look at the picture below. It’s from my wife’s cell phone.

Little Data

The diagram shows the logbook of my youngest daughter. She was born on January 2, 2015 and these are her first few weeks of life. You see, she is just eating, sleeping and diapering. That’s all she is doing. Our physician asked us to monitor her activities because they can assist in evaluating her health. So I found and installed this special app for my wife. As you can see, the baby is doing well. She is nursing, sleeping and diapering regularly.

I love watching how my wife inputs the data. She does it accurately and on time. She does it because she is my wife and knows something about data management. She does it because right now, the little data is very important for our family.

I’d like to share with you that I have never seen such important little data. It is the first data of my daughter. She has just started generating data in the world. Who knows how big her data will become during her lifetime! I’d like to think that the data will always be high quality.

I love watching and speaking to my daughter. Diana is so small, so cute and so beautiful. Now I understand how our job for data management is so important — I ask all of you to think about data quality — for my daughter.

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With over ten years experience in MDM implementations and data governance, Dmitrii Kovalchuk has worked in multiple industries and organizations in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Dmitrii has worked for several years as an independent consultant, business analyst and architect, and has experience with solutions from SAP, Oracle, IBM and Informatica, as well as in-house systems. Dmitrii is currently in Kazakhstan as a Data Management SAP Solution Designer in ENRC Business & Technology Services, where he is implementing SAP ECC for ENRC – multinational leading diversified natural resources company.

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  1. Ali, Shahid 01/31/2015 at 9:36 am #

    Very interesting. Please can I get app name and url to download. My first grandchild is going to born next month.

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