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EnterWorks Rebooted: MDM, PIM and Content Lifecycle Management, by Julie Hunt

Hub Designs Magazine recently chatted with executives from EnterWorks to take a look at the company’s new direction, after being acquired by Black Dragon Capital in March 2015.

Rick Chavie (CEO), Susan Magi (VP Marketing), and Kevin Reese (VP Sales and Business Development), all joined the company in 2015. They bring extensive experience in software solutions, retail, consumer products, and manufacturing.

EnterWorks provides solutions for product master data management (MDM) and product information management (PIM), with a serious focus on the content and information that fuels the marketing and sales efforts and the customer experience. The company has been in business for 18 years. Core customer categories include manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and services firms, many of which constitute collaborative and interactive channels for products, customers, and content. Industry segments include food (in every way food is sold), apparel and fashion, high tech, and home furnishings. EnterWorks customers are often companies with millions of products and configurations.

EnterWorks showcased the “reboot” of the company’s strategies for solutions and go-to-market at NRF 2016, the top retail event in the U.S. EnterWorks connected its new strategic direction to the focus of NRF in this PR write-up:

But with so many emerging customer touchpoints, the complexity of content management continues to rise. This hot button issue is moving to the forefront for retailers. That’s why we chose NRF to launch the NEW EnterWorks.

EnterWorks Information Fragmentation

EnterWorks Enable and the Evolution of the Content Value Chain

EnterWorks Enable provides a means to help resolve the “information fragmentation” that plagues organizations’ efforts to address the complexities of content management and usage, including highly variable sources (user-generated content, outside experts, brand) and diverse distribution channels (corporate website, mobile, social). Other complications for managing and delivering content include different ways of utilizing digital channels for purchases, such as online buyers versus buyers doing research online to purchase at physical stores, and the unpredictable nature of buyer journeys and personas.

EnterWorks Enable: Solution View

Multichannel customer experiences are often fragmented and hard to assemble into a harmonized experience. It’s not about providing the “same” customer experience across all channels – it’s about ensuring that consistent, reliable and timely information is available to every channel to handle any customer experience. The driving force here is Context: What does the customer want to do? Do your enterprise systems know what to deliver to meet customer desires? Do you have the best content or information available? Master data comes into play to provide essential context. MDM is integral to building and maintaining a reliable centralized repository of ready-to-go information and content that can be segmented by products, customer categories, channels, media, and so on.

EnterWorks Enable supports efforts to reconcile brand consistency and customer experience requirements that are necessary for successful digital marketing. To achieve harmonized multichannel experiences, organizations need technologies that provide multi-dimensional customer views, as well as insight related to products and transactions. All of this is intertwined with content, but also depends on data analytics for continuous intelligence.

EnterWorks Success Factors in Market Evolution

Part of the solution to the content management problem that EnterWorks is tackling is sophisticated content lifecycle management (CLM). EnterWorks describes content lifecycle management this way: Enable differentiated experiences through a single view of content across physical and digital channels.

The content lifecycle includes the means to manage, model, and monetize content.

EnterWorks Content Complexity: Impact by Price Level

The Flow of Content and Information

EnterWorks sees business and content flows in terms of B2C2B relationships, which encompass brand, customers, and products, as well as information and content. Relationships that inform products and customers run from the brand across dealers, contractors and retailers.

The following chart illustrates not only industries of importance to EnterWorks, but the potential flow of activities, relationships and content across commercial channels that benefit from solutions for MDM, PIM and CLM to meet customer expectations and business needs.

EnterWorks Industry Focus

Expanding on the Strategic Vision

The latest step for the new EnterWorks strategy has been an investment and partnership with Digital Foodie, to offer “the first end-to-end, on-demand, omni-commerce solution for the food and grocery industry” (from the EnterWorks announcement). Digital Foodie provides a number of cloud-based services including on-demand orders and personalized shopping with grocery retailers. The new combination of EnterWorks and Digital Foodie will expand services and MDM solutions to the entire grocery supply chain, including “CPG and manufacturing companies with a food-focused PIM solution”.

MDM, Brand and Context

Brand is the reflection of all customer experiences over time. And MDM helps keep the brand in context, whether for marketing purposes or interactions through commercial channels. Master data provides the means to better connect functions in an organization or value chain to: accurate customer and product intelligence, the current context of customer needs and activities, and the relationships of customers to products and channels.

EnterWorks has communicated a strong commitment to improving how brands utilize content for business and customer purposes. The expertise that EnterWorks brings is illustrated by its 10-year strategic technology partner relationship with Adobe for products like InDesign. Adobe has changed the course of digital marketing through the management of web and mobile sites utilizing sophisticated technologies, including web content and customer experience management platforms, MDM and PIM, and data analytics.

About The Author

Julie Hunt is the editor of Hub Designs Magazine and co-founder of the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank.

Her “day job” is as an independent software industry analyst and consultant to software vendors for customer, solution and go-to-market strategies.

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