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Informatica MDM and PIM – Multidomain Expansion, by Julie Hunt

A recent briefing of the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank by Informatica

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Easy ROI for PIM

The Easiest ROI for Product MDM, by Tom Marine

Some insights on achieving return on investment from Product MDM by a new contributor, Tom Marine

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Data Governance Implementation Plans

Secrets of Successful Data Governance

Some thoughts on the Data Governance implementation process

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Finding ROI

Finding ROI – Tales from the Field

A “tale from the field” on finding return on investment and building your MDM business case

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Senior Management

Wrestling with Getting Executive Buy-In

Suggestions on getting executive buy-in for MDM and data governance initiatives

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New Data Governance White Paper

A new white paper by Dan Power of Hub Designs is available on Siperian’s web site. The white paper underscores the importance of a proactive data governance approach, and is designed to help organizations develop a sound and sustainable data governance initiative. Data governance is a vital component of any master data management effort, since […]

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Building the Business Case (Part 2) – Cost Reduction

digg this | | Reddit | Stumble It! When it comes to building the case for an Information Management strategy, cost reductions alone may generate enough benefits to justify your business case, or they could further enhance your economic arguments. Here are some examples of where you may uncover potential cost reductions: 1) IT […]

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Magazine Articles

digg this | | Reddit | Stumble It! It never rains but it pours. It looks like we’re going to be doing two speaking engagements in March & April – at the Spring 2008 MDM Summit in San Francisco, CA, and the Oracle Applications Users Group COLLABORATE 08 conference in Denver, CO. The MDM […]

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Is There Such a Thing as a “Quick MDM Strategy”?

digg this | | Reddit | Stumble It! Well, the short answer is – “it depends”! Putting aside the conventional answer for the moment, I’d say that a critical first step in achieving a pragmatic MDM strategy is that your company must agree and commit to developing a 3-5 year MDM strategy. This is […]

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