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Two-Day, On-Site MDM Seminar

Attaining High Quality, Integrated Information

High quality, integrated master data is all that matters in your business/IT landscape. Sure, people, processes and technology are important. After all, they get the brunt of everyone’s attention. But in the end, superior business intelligence, smooth transactions and harmonious customer interactions all depend on the quality and usability of your master data.

Why This Seminar Program?

Hub Designs and Perera have teamed up to create this important, two-day on-site seminar program for organizations struggling with low quality, fragmented enterprise data. With over 40 years of combined experience, you can expect a new level of practical insight that is unavailable in any other forum.

Our goal is to bring unparalleled Master Data Management expertise to your front door. A blend of education and hands-on guidance, your organization will gain the knowledge to confidently undertake and succeed with your MDM initiative… and transform your enterprise master data into an appreciating corporate asset.

Agenda For Mastering Your Data

Together, we will explore the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with creating and maintaining high quality, integrated enterprise master data:

  • Creating a business case for managing customer, product, supplier, financial and employee master data
  • Analyzing the types, nature and severity of enterprise data quality problems
  • Determining quality and integration requirements for enterprise master data
  • Creating enterprise master data architecture and models
  • Formulating a plan to correct and transform your existing enterprise master data
  • Developing and embracing master data content and format standards
  • Integrating and synchronizing master reference data within and across enterprise systems
  • Identifying, evaluating and selecting MDM software and third-party data sources
  • Designing data quality processes for continuous master data management
  • Determining metrics for assessing, monitoring and certifying the quality of master data
  • Organizing and managing a data governance and stewardship program
Who Should Participate?

This program is geared to business, project management and IT personnel who are actively involved in Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Integration (CDI) and data quality initiatives. The ideal session brings together up to 15 participants from your organization to discuss the production, distribution, consumption and maintenance of enterprise data.

By conducting this program at your site, stakeholders have the flexibility to join program segments that are appropriate to their functional areas. We charge a fixed program fee so you can tailor attendance to your needs.

Schedule TODAY!

For more information or to schedule this two-day program at your location, please call us at 781-749-8910 or visit our web site.

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