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Product Information Management (PIM) Data Governance, by Jackie Roberts

a great article by Jackie Roberts on data governance for Product MDM

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Webinar Replay: “Data Governance – a Strong Foundation for Your MDM Journey”

This webinar reply is sponsored by Hub Designs and IBM, and is presented by Information Management.

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Getting What You Need from Your Enterprise Architect

A session from the recent Data Governance conference of the Americas SAP User Group (ASUG) by George Bryce, Corporate Data Architect at Procter & Gamble

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Seven Fatal Errors in MDM and How to Avoid Them, by John Owens

Master Data Management (MDM) is plagued with seven fatal errors that prevent enterprises from achieving success

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Baker Hughes Logo

Baker Hughes: Bringing Data into the Future

A session by Sally Cheadle, VP Enterprise Finance Organization Center of Practice for Baker Hughes at the recent Data Governance conference of the Americas SAP User Group (ASUG)

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Collibra for Data Governance, by William McKnight

Collibra recently briefed the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank.

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IBM Data Management

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

IBM briefs the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank

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Announcing Our New Editor

A New Editor for Hub Designs Magazine

Announcing Julie Hunt as the new Editor of Hub Designs Magazine

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Loquate Web Site

Loqate: Accuracy and Intelligence from Address Data

The Hub Designs MDM Think Tank recently received a briefing from Martin Turvey, CEO of Loqate.

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Data Governance Roundtable

Data Governance Roundtable

Dan Power from Hub Designs will appear in a “Data Governance Roundtable” sponsored by Trillium on Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2011 at 11:00 am EST (10:00 am CST / 8:00 am PST).

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Business rules help answer the how of data governance policies

Where Data Governance Stops and Master Data Management Starts

A new article from Rob DuMoulin, an information architect with more than 26 years of IT experience, specializing in master data management, database administration and design, and business intelligence.

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Business Plan

MDM: Why Good Business Practice Insight is Hard to Find

Another article by Mark Allen, the co-author of “Master Data Management in Practice – Achieving True Customer MDM”.

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MDM Multi-Domain Planning And Challenges, by Mark Allen

Our latest article is by Mark Allen, the co-author of a Master Data Management in Practice – Achieving True Customer MDM.

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Elephant at Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

Africom’s PROTEA Program

After this year’s Gartner MDM Summit conference, Hub Designs sent a small team to a new client in South Africa called Africom.

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Zakim Bridge by stripermjg

MDM Is Not Only About Aligning “Business” and “IT” (Part 1)

Kimmo Kontra and Pertti Karhu write about bridging the chasm between business and IT

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Hub Designs Blog’s Top 10 for 2010

Inspired by Crysta Anderson from Initiate, who put together IBM’s Mastering Data Management blog Top 10 Posts of 2010, I decided to put together a similar “Top Ten Posts of 2010” for the Hub Designs Blog. In our holiday greetings article, Thank You To Our Readers, we covered some of the top articles from the […]

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Thank You To Our Readers

Well, another year has nearly passed, and I’d like to say “thank you” to everyone who has read and supported this blog over the past three and a half years. Only one thing has made this blog possible: you. Whether you came here to learn about master data management (MDM) and data governance, or to […]

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Bank Systems & Technology

Gartner Projects MDM Software Revenue to Grow 14%

Bank Systems & Technology magazine had a good article by Penny Crosman today. Gartner Research is predicting 14% growth over 2009 levels for master data management (MDM) software license revenues, to $1.5 billion. Business drivers for adoption range from delivering revenue, service, agility and risk management improvement, cost reduction and integration simplification. John Radcliffe, a research […]

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Kalido Data Governance Maturity Survey Results

This morning, Kalido, a Hub Designs partner, released an initial analysis based on the almost 100 responses it received to its Data Governance Maturity Assessment Survey. The results were not surprising, but I found them very interesting nonetheless. Keep in mind that this was a self-selecting group; that is, people who were interested enough in […]

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Informatica Logo

Informatica MDM Tweet Jam

This is a transcript (lightly edited for brevity) of today’s Informatica MDM Tweet Jam. We hope you enjoyed the actual Tweet Jam and this transcript. If there were questions you didn’t get a chance to ask, please feel free to ask them via our web site’s Contact Us page. Dan Power: Informatica MDM Tweet Jam like […]

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Enterprise Data Governance

Hub Designs Becomes Member of MDM Alliance Group

Recently, Hub Designs became a member of the MDM Alliance Group (MAG). MAG is a not-for-profit community, founded by Pierre Bonnet, of users, software vendors, consultants and systems integrators who jointly invest their time and intellectual property in the development of a common best practice and procedure approach for the successful and sustainable implementation of Master Data […]

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Faster is Better!

In the real estate industry, they have a saying: “location, location, location!” In the technology business, and particularly in the master data management (MDM) field, it’s all about time to value. A shorter, more targeted project (vs. the “ultimate” whiz-bang project with all the technology bells and whistles) pays off better in two important ways: […]

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Holistic Approach

Master Data Management Best Practice #10 – Use a Balanced, Holistic Approach

This may be the most important best practice of all: use a balanced, holistic approach – addressing people, process, technology and information. Start with the people, politics and culture, and then move on to the data governance and stewardship processes, then the technology. The recent Gartner “Magic Quadrant for MDM of Customer Data” by John […]

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Master Data Management Best Practice #9 – Don’t Underestimate the Complexity

One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein, who said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” This is very true in master data management (MDM) – where you’ll inevitably come under pressure to oversimplify. It’s not uncommon to have 20-30 source systems (or more) that have to be integrated […]

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Exploding Computer

Master Data Management Best Practice #8 – Resist the Urge to Customize

Breaking news: As I was writing the article below on MDM Best Practice #8, I realized I should discuss the acquisition of Data Foundations, Inc. by Software AG. I was surprised by how long it took for the announcement to come out, because I first heard about this transaction in June. It seems to be […]

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Data Governance

Master Data Management Best Practice #7 – Create a Data Governance Organization and Processes

If there’s no dedicated data governance function, then no one lives & dies with the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and consistency of the critical information that drives the business. There’s not much point in doing master data management if you’re not going to govern the data. I remember attending an MDM Summit conference a few years […]

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Master Data Management Best Practice #6 – A Long Term Program, Not a Short Term Project

Today, we’re going to resume our series on Master Data Management Best Practices. Here are the earlier articles in the series: Start with the Need, Pain or Problem (Not “The Solution”) Active, Involved Executive Sponsorship Emphasize the Organizational Change Management Aspects The Business Has To Own MDM and Data Governance Use Your Best Project Managers […]

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Project Management 101

Master Data Management Best Practice #5 – Use Your Best Project Managers and People

This one may sound obvious, but as you staff your MDM and data governance initiatives, make sure you use your best project managers and people. Make sure you can’t be derailed by opponents pointing to avoidable project management or organizational issues. You cannot afford to have this type of project fail, so focus on controlling […]

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Business Ownership

Master Data Management Best Practice #4 – The Business Has To Own MDM and Data Governance

As tempting as it is to start and finish with the technology, it doesn’t work. One model that I’ve seen work very well is for the business to lead the data governance initiative, with senior management being involved through a Data Governance Council (which makes policy for enterprise data), with Global Process Owners handling day […]

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Org Change

Master Data Management Best Practice #3 – Emphasize the Organizational Change Management Aspects

Addressing the organizational change aspects of master data management (MDM) and data governance initiatives is critical to their success. Outside perspective can be very helpful here. As I discussed in a recent article, “Org. Change and Data Governance”, organizational change management – as an applied discipline – is used far too rarely on MDM projects. […]

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Executive Sponsor

Master Data Management Best Practice #2 – Active, Involved Executive Sponsorship

MDM and data governance projects need strong executive sponsorship, more so than most projects involving technology. To champion a change (towards managing master data as a true corporate asset) is going to mean significant cultural disruption. In most companies, that type of change is best driven “top down”. Don’t try to start until this is […]

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Pain Here

Master Data Management Best Practice #1 – Start with the Need, Pain or Problem (Not “The Solution”)

The topic of “best practices in MDM and data governance” is one that I’ve been writing and speaking about for several years. I wrote an earlier article on this in October 2007, and it’s proven to be one of the most popular articles on this blog, with more than 4,500 views to date. I’ve spoken […]

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My Take on Oracle OpenWorld 2010

I’m flying home today from Oracle OpenWorld 2010, which I enjoyed enormously, as usual. Beyond the “old home week” aspect of it – seeing old friends, who for some reason I only seem to see at the Oracle Applications Users Group COLLABORATE conference in the spring or at Oracle OpenWorld in the fall – there […]

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